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How to use a special callsign

Posted on 05 May 2022 02:57 pm

Case A: Using your logbook

If you are using a special callsign (example IW1QLH/P or IW1QLH/IM or 3A/IW1QLH/P) you have to say it to your logbook program.

If you are using Ham Radio Deluxe:


  • When you are adding a new QSO open the tab "My Station"
  • Type your special callsign in the field "Callsign"
  • Write other information (city, equipment, etc) - Optional
  • If you use this profile many times then you can save it using the panel "Profile"

     If you are importing your logbook from a different program using an ADIF file, bear in mind that uses the ADIF field "station_callsign" if present.

By doing so the QSO will be sent to and will be stored inside your logbook.


Case B: Using a new logbook


In the other way, if you are using a special callsign (example DXpedition, contest team, etc) you can create a new logbook in (Login -> Utilities -> New Callsign).